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Extract From Rebel Heart Vol. 7 Liner Notes
In September 1967, to the delight of his loyal fans, Gene arrived in
France to do his first true promotional tour,
carefully referring to "my brand new album" at concerts. Rehearsing for a few days with French band
Le Rock 'N' Roll Gang, whose singer was relegated to a minor backing vocals role, Gene set out on a series
of highly successful live performances, mixing old and new material, several of which were recorded privately
or for radio purposes. In Lyon, a young Swiss fan, Pierre Pennone. a friend of the promoter, was introduced to
Gene and acted as unofficial interpreter for him during the day of the gig. When Gene arrived in
Geneva for a
concert on the 6th of October, he recognised Pierre and they spent the next few days together.
Through contacts, Pierre had organised an interview with the major Swiss radio station, and accompanied Gene
when he recorded it that afternoon. This curious bi-lingual affair is contained here. Later, Radio Suisse Romande
recorded the evening concert, and included one song when the interview was broadcast the next day. Gene put on
a bravura performance in front of the enthusiastic sell-out crowd of 1600, which was pronounced by the die-hard
French fans who had been following him around as the greatest of the tour. He even treated the audience to a rare
encore Little Richard's Tutti Frutti, a song he had not previously performed. The next day, Pierre accompanied
Gene during his trip to perform at a small Swiss town in the mountains, witnessing Gene's initiation to a local
speciality, the fondue (Gene substituted sliced tomatoes for the dipping bread and drank beer in place of wine),
when by all accounts a great time was had by everyone. The Geneva recording of Tutti Frutti later surfaced on
a bootleg album in 1985, and another six of the songs appeared in 1988 on a rare French EP.
Contacted in 1999, the radio station confirmed that the tape did not exist in their archives, another in a long line
of historical recordings lost or discarded by broadcasters. Luckily, however, at the time of recording an engineer
at the station had made a copy, and this has remained in the hands of a local collector ever since. Thus we are
able on this CD. for the first time. to experience the dynamic concert in full, a happy confirmation that
Gene Vincent was anything but a spent force in the late '60s.

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